Aug 16, 2021 • 1HR 5M

Briahna Joy Gray — Are Disparities Caused by "Culture"?

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Glenn Loury
Race, inequality, and economics in the US and throughout the world from Glenn Loury, Professor of Economics at Brown University and Paulson Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute
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Recently I had a rich, deep conversation with lawyer, Current Affairs contributing editor, and former Bernie Sanders National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray on her podcast Bad Faith. Briahna and I occupy very different ideological spaces, so I thought TGS viewers would be interested in watching the discussion. She has generously given me permission to share it here.

We begin by debating the possible causes of racial disparities and my own ideas about what we should do about it. More funding for social services is often floated as a possible remedy, but I have questions. This segues into a discussion of my essay “The Case for Black Patriotism.” Briahna asks whether my vision of patriotism necessarily entails a belief in American exceptionalism, and this leads into an exploration of capitalism and socialism more broadly. Finally, Briahna asks me a question that many people wonder about: Given my political views (and the fact that I’m not shy about proclaiming them into a microphone), how do my Bernie-supporting wife LaJuan and I keep the peace at home?

Briahna and I had a real debate here, but I was surprised by how many concerns we actually share. I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed participating in it!

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0:00 Intro 

1:40 The bias narrative vs. the development narrative

7:02 What are the causes of “behavioral maladies” in black communities?

11:36 Will more funding for social services reduce violent crime? 

20:37 Glenn: The clock is ticking for the least advantaged African Americans

31:44 Debating black patriotism 

43:40 American exceptionalism and the dominance of capitalism

54:47 The necessary checks on capitalism

1:01:41 The call (from Bernie Sanders) is coming from inside the house


Glenn’s essay, “The Bias Narrative vs. the Development Narrative”

Glenn’s essay, “The Case for Black Patriotism”

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ introduction to the 1619 Project

Nathan J. Robinson’s Current Affairs essay, “Why Critical Race Theory Should Be Taught in Schools”