Jul 16, 2021 • 52M

John McWhorter — Thinking Critically about Critical Race Theory

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Glenn Loury
Race, inequality, and economics in the US and throughout the world from Glenn Loury, Professor of Economics at Brown University and Paulson Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute

Here is my latest conversation with John McWhorter. We begin with a review of our respective academic careers and how being black has affected our work. We also assess the recent involvement of Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump in the case of a white Arkansas man who was shot dead in June, under suspicious circumstances, by a police officer during a traffic stop. We close with an extended discussion of critical race theory, which we define carefully and evaluate thoroughly. We agree that CRT should not be banned by law, but we endorse the efforts of parents to weigh-in with their local schools against it.

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0:00 John McWhorter, master of his craft

5:18 Is John a “black linguist”? Is Glenn a “black economist”? 

13:45 Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump address police violence against white victims

24:25 Defining CRT

35:35 Is the CRT debate comparable to other debates in education? 

43:43 Glenn: It is tyrannical to ban the teaching of CRT