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Sabrina Salvati & LaJuan Loury – Dems Take Fire from the Left

Sabrina Salvati & LaJuan Loury – Dems Take Fire from the Left


This week, I’ve got two very special guests joining me here on The Glenn Show. The first is the noted leftwing podcaster, Sabrina Salvati, and the second is my noted leftwing wife, LaJuan Loury. Sabby and I disagree on many—maybe most—issues, but she’s a good faith interlocutor with a refreshingly principled opposition to kneejerk partisanship. And since LaJuan is the person who first turned me onto Sabby’s work, I thought it appropriate to have her on as well. I’m outnumbered here, but I do my best to hold my own!

Sabby got her start when she became disenchanted with the Justice Democrats who, as she sees it, have been co-opted by mainstream Democrats. She views Biden and his party as worryingly fascistic and thinks they’re leaving poor and working-class Americans high and dry. She’s got sharp criticisms of the military-industrial complex, capitalism, and the police, as one might expect, and I give her some pushback. But one area where all three of us are mostly in agreement is over the Ukraine War. Sabby believes we have no business spending the $100 billion-plus we’ve so far sent there on a foreign conflict, especially when there are far better uses for it on the domestic front. That’s an unpopular opinion in the US, but if the war continues to drag on, I somehow doubt it will remain so.

I know you’ll all have opinions on this one, so let me know what you think in the comments.

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0:00 How Sabby got her start on YouTube

6:18 What happened to the Justice Democrats’ “hostile takeover”?

11:31 Is the US sliding into fascism?

19:26 The tension between race and class on the left

27:15 Donald Trump’s rising popularity among black men

32:39 The military-industrial complex and climate change

42:07 Sabby’s argument for worker co-ops

51:20 Finding (somewhat) common ground on immigration

54:18 Demilitarizing the police is one thing, defunding the police is another

59:46 Sabby: “We should not be giving money to Ukraine”

1:04:35 How Sabby deals with disrespectful guests

Recorded September 16, 2023

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