Mr. Loury,

I heard your rant and we need far more of it from you and many other leaders in the Black community. I have concerns about the disintegration of the family, both Black and White, in America. I also have deep concerns of education standards regarding the Black community. I am convinced that the liberal left believes Blacks are not intellectually capable at performing at high academic levels. To adjust for this belief, they lower academic standards. I cannot think of a more racist thing to do.

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Love you passion! Of course, it helps that I agree....

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Your “rant” is the reason I will always be your subscriber!

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There are roving bands of Black youth destroying property. They should be arrested.

The police are doing a slow down because if they abuse someone, they fear arrest.

What is the solution to this problem?

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As a black person I’m tired of making excuses and hearing excuses about why crimes are being committed by black men. It’s just so frustrating. The criminal mind is using blackness to explain their weaknesses period!

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Do you feel personal responsibility for what a Black criminal does?

Do you feel personal responsibility when there is a mass shooting?

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Reconciling the collective black identity that is encouraged by at least half of the polity with individual agency and responsibility isn’t just a matter of snapping fingers.

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Blacks are targeted by skin color. It is natural that they find protection in things like voting as a block. This is particularly true when one political party coddles people who are openly hostile to you. If a Black politician is found with illegal money in his refrigerator, there is no requirement to support that politician. Note that a conman can still get support from white Conservatives. A former television anchor who admits to lying has millions of whites awaiting his new show. You take the Zora Neale Hurston stance that the Black criminals are not your kinfolk. You are amazed that some whites don’t want the pleasure of your company.

At the end of the day you have skinfolk who either are or are not kinfolk. You don’t stress about what white folks think. Hurston was actually fine with segregation as long as the white majority left her alone. Not everyone is going to like you. Humans are tribal so the collective is natural, but individuality remains.

If you like classical music, enjoy. If you like opera, enjoy. If you like jazz, enjoy. If you like hardcore rap, well maybe one day you’ll learn to appreciate music.

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This is gibberish. Who are you even talking to?

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Alrighty, ALmighty

Talking about dumb-fucking white trash, sometimes you got to take out the trash;

The stages of a society (and USA equivalent):

1. Pioneers 1600 - 1800 (founding of colonies and independence)

2. Mercantilism 1800 - 1900 (rough overlap with industrial revolution)

3. Intellectualism 1900 - 1970 (banskters, bureaucrat class, financialization, obsessing over rules and scientific rationale over morality)

4. Decadence 1970 - 2020 (frivolities, escapism, parastic explosion, mental illness, nihilism)

5. Collapse <--- You are here. Civilizations have life cycles and the populace are like cells. Once the cancer spreads, the host cannot survive. Notice how the periods between get shorter and shorter from hundreds of years to decades. This is it. No turning back. Only question is how bad it will be, rest is mental masturbation.

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You need to add 4.5 and mention "AI" and the new WOKE-HOMO-AI that will lead man-kind to sexual non-binary sterilization.



Anymore than Al-Gore invented the “INTERNET”

Sam-Altman created a homo ass-fuck app in 2007 called ‘link’ a homo app that allowed San-Fran homo’s to hookup and butt-fuck in San-Fran parks at night;

This app caught the attention of Paul Graham #1 VC investor in SV (inQtel/CIA), he already had a teen grooming OP ongoing called y-combinator, he brought in Sam-Altman to run the OP feeling that a younger HOMO would attract more kids for Grooming;

In 2017 Peter Thiel funded “OPEN-AI” and put Sam-Altman in charge as a ‘figure-head’ sort of like what Musk is to Tesla or Space-X; Note that Tesla wasn’t created by Musk, he bought the company intact;

Sam Altman is/was a drop out with no ability other than sucking cock, just like cameltoe HARRIS Altman is where he is today, because he allowed the right people to assfuck him and suck their cock


The AI in chatGPT is just training from facebook based on all twitter posts & facebook, that’s its ‘knowledge’, then they had african’s for $2 an hr write ‘filters’ to block non-homo, or non-woke interaction, then the MSM lionized the creation of WOKE-AI;

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ZOG took 300 years to manufacture the ideology that led to WW1, and WW2; Recent white on white war murder is ran by BANKERS, all wars are banker wars, and engineered to destroy countrys so bankers can flip real-estate buy low, sell high

But so fucking what? Spartans killed Greeks, they sure look white to me

Apes kill Ape

Racial profiling is really fucking bullshit, when you get down to it, the criminally inclined don't look at skin color, they only see the loot;

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No offense to the brothers, but they even call out each other as 'dumb niggers'.

For those of you who question the 'black race' I suggest you go to Africa for a long tour, and see how they live in the wild, actually the villages are quite pleasant,

But in the citys, its baltimore on steroids 24/7, dead bodys litter the streets and remain until family picks them up

little girls go to the city to clean-house for rich, and as soon as their pregnant and tossed out on the street, to become whores

when I was last in nairobi it was 5 cents a fuck, and nobody used a condom because they were $1

the average guy coming home from work, did 5 fucks a day, HIV was 80% in most urban areas


So yes, blacks in their own homelands do what they do, and guess fucking what, in africa there is no white guy to blame

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And whites are killing whites in Ukraine

Whites killed whites in two World Wars

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NAZI in UKRAINE are killing RUSSIA Christians, the NAZI's are Khazarian cannibals, not even human beings;

Both WW1&WW2 were engineered by Rothschild&Rockefeller agents, mostly with de-population as the goal;

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Over the top? Not at all on this one. Not sure why you thought you went too far. The defence of Tucker Carlson - THAT was downright bizarre coming from you. But I was like okay, once in awhile we all go off our nut...

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I am currently reading a book about the Leo Frank trial, which took place in 1913. The author writes about a landmark Georgia Supreme Court case that was decided a few years before the Frank trial in favor of a black woman who was accidentally injured when a street car conductor attacked a black man who refused to pay his fare. The author quotes from the decision in which the Court describes the behavior of the “lower order of the negro race” as “vicious”. Times have not changed much. Why has this gone on for so long?

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Another point that Blacks were enslaved, not slaves

They never accepted stopped fighting

This was the era of Ida B Wells and W.E.B. DuBois

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I don’t think very many people say that black culture is “fundamentally flawed.” But I do think that a lot of people would say that black culture is sick. And I think that the problem is that black people in America are conditioned, by history, experience, and media messaging to view everything through a racial lens, and an awful lot of them seem to blame all their ills on white racism. And an awful lot of white people appear to agree with them. I have seen, once, an individual escape - she literally turned her life around. I don’t think many people are capable of that. And it seems that government efforts to remedy the situation merely validate that view in the eyes of those who hold it. I can’t offer solutions. I don’t think there are any.

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The I know one Black person theory.

Many more Black people can tell you about the racist barriers they overcame.

Your post means nothing

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Was it actually racist barriers they overcame, or their own internal feelings of inferiority or self-limiting tendencies? Which *might* be due to racism--or maybe bad parents, or a self-perpetuating toxic culture that lacks accountability and personal responsibility?

Because white people & everyone else all sometimes get those bad luck o' the birth lottery. Some fail, some succeed. But not all can blame racism.

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It was racism. Blacks did not consider themselves inferior. That is a white supremacist myth.

Blacks had to fight their way into many unions, or formed their own.


When Civil Rights bills passed, white leaders in education made show Black teacher were punished and replaced them with white teachers and principals


The constant battle Blacks have to fight is common knowledge. I pointed out the farce of mediocre student Abigail Fisher yammering about Affirmative Action when she didn’t get into her legacy school even though she had worse credentials than 168 Black and Latino students who also didn’t get in. She was a failure, but her complaint was considered credible precisely because she is white.

Today we see Republican led legislatures poisoning majority Black cities to gain control. We see Republican led legislatures deliberately suppressing votes in majority Black areas. They are also trying to craft legislation to overthrow elections if the results go against Republicans. Blacks have had to fight for everything they achieved.

They are lectured about meritocracy by people who still support a racist conman who had to shut down a university and a charity because of fraud. The conman’s children made millions from deals with China and Saudi Arabia while the conman was President, but they want us to be more concerned about a laptop.

Most Black people understand the game that is being played. Our ancestors were enslaved, they were never slaves. We see through the nonsense that continues to this day.

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I was writing about the barriers people have inside themselves, not those outside themselves.

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Black people overcome those daily. Then they deal with the external ones. That is why more black youth are in college than jail. It is also why Black women are the fastest growing entrepreneurs in the country.

You set low expectations for Black people. You only seem to have known one

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More black women entrepreneurs and black men in college is entirely due to Affirmative Action quotas and nothing to do with their merit. In doubt? Then have the courage to eliminate Affirmative Action entitlements in all their forms and instead reward merit and intelligence.

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What are you arguing about? What you are saying supports wht Harmon is saying.

I'll throw in my own two cents worth and say that socialists MUST keep pushing the victim ideology on ALL of us in order to survive. Heaven forbid that huge numbers of people, of ALL races, start questioning that mantra, and seek their own solutions to their own problems.

It is undeniable that progressive socialists want everyone to buy into their prepackaged victim/oppressor idiotology. People who think for themselves are an existential threat to progressivism. Progressives will do absoutely ANYTHING to thwart rational thought.

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I have seen more snowflake behavior from Republicans than I have from any Black person. Pointing out things like disparities in health care between whites despite equal levels of income, education, and insurance is not victimhood, it is simply describing reality. If you consider that oppressor victimology, that is your problem. I don’t see rational thought in your rant.

For years, nephrologists gave a “correction” for a test of renal function that was race based. The correction was based on the idea that Blacks had higher “muscle mass”. The correction has found to be nonsense. The “correction” used for years resulted in kidney function in Blacks was felt to be better than it actually was. This led to Blacks being offered dialysis and renal transplant at a worse level of disease. Black deaths from renal disease was higher. I am sorry if your fee fees are hurt. Black researchers felt something was amiss and addressed the issue. That is rational behavior and not the “victimhood” you suggest.

Another post that is humorous and nonsensical. Your opinion is worth much much less than two cents.

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Nice piece of ad hominin deflection.

Your response has nothing to do with what I said.

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Sorry if someone already made this comment. Last night on the news (WGN/NewsNation?) they said that Tucker Carlson will have a new show on twitter.

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Ah...The first sign of the intellectually defeated, ad hominem attack. Either say something to counter my obvious observation that access and quality of treatment is often dependent on wealth status or humbly apologize for your myopic error, or get lost. I've already wasted too many pixels on your nastiness. Feel free to have the last word, since everything you have thus far said is plain testimony to your inadequate drivel.

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Ah ... The first sign of a mentally dysfunctional TROLL is to talk about ad hominem attacks.

Your "observations" are as worthless as a large sack of greasy, fetid dog poodle.

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Glenn’s rant identifies the 2020 riots as a trigger for police in Chicago pulling back. The fact that they are not as outraged about January 6th where multiple law enforcement officers were attacked is concerning. Leaving the insurrection aside, there are problems within the Chicago police department that led to the DOJ criticizing CPD for abuse. This preceded 2020


The Black community deserves good policing, but they also deserve a police department that is not guilty of using excessive force. If the CPD says that it will not aggressively enforce laws without abusing the community, there will never be effective law enforcement.

Conservatives criticize Liberals for “defunding”:police, something that seems to happen rarely, but are outraged when funding for education is increased. They scream about teachers wasting money, but ignore police inefficiency. If teachers are criticized for poor student outcomes, shouldn’t police be criticized for poor levels of solving crimes?

We seem to be ready to hold teachers accountable, but criticism of police is off limits.

(Last line edited)

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Robert- this site is a mixed bag, but you're not convincing anyone by posting mainly links to npr, mother jones, american progressive, etc as "proof". You're not convincing anyone by making generalizations of how "all conservatives" (I'm not one BTW) think about complex issues. You're not convincing anyone by comparing a pathetic insurrection that has been condemned by most everyone to a violent crime wave directly or indirectly impacting most of the country. You're not convincing anyone that there isn't a fine line between 'aggressively enforcing laws' and getting your head blown off or becoming the next viral video, especially when there's a good chance the criminal will be released anyway. Most people understand there are bad cops and great teachers, and both systems need improvement. Most people understand that whether 'defund' actually happens or not in budgetary terms, it impacts the psyche of cops, prosecutors, and criminals. Most people get the riots were based on a small set of cherry-picked police confrontations. Most people get that cities with higher crime rates will of course have more police and spend more on policing, regardless of 'defund' chatter. Most people understand that Sowell is far from perfect, but has long been left out of the mainstream conversation in favor of Al Sharpton types. So knock it off, will ya?

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I don’t expect to convince Trump supporters of anything.

Tuckems and MTG are Republican mainstream and don’t condemn January 6th

The CPD did a work slowdown after a man was shot 16 times in the back

CPD does not want to be held to a legal standard.

You reject “Liberal” news outlets, but expect me to respect news sites like Fox?

Fox was caught on tape admitting they were spreading lies

Fox lied to maintain a Trump supporting audience

Why would I trust a source provided by a Trump supporter?

CPD abused people before “defund” was a twinkle in anyone’s eyes

CPD abuse led to the fringe idea of “defund”

Sharpton has actually been able to bring attention to cases that would otherwise have been ignored

Sowell chooses to interview with Right wing websites.

So how about you knock off the nonsense?

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The point is being more convincing with a variety of sources & nuance. By not doing so, the left just drives people to Trump & Fox. But we're not discussing conservatives or the US debt (congress controls the purse strings BTW). Today Areanah Preston was supposed to receive a diploma for her master's degree at Loyola University. Instead she was gunned down coming home from her late shift with CPD. No remorse from the perps, they were bragging about it the next day, which is why they've been caught. Despite growing up in the same area, with the same CPD, what drove Areanah to get her masters degree and join CPD to serve her community, and while the others chose a robbery spree and murder with no remorse? The new mayor of Chicago has some ideas, or more likely deflections. Glenn has some other, ahem, thoughts. That's the topic.

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Don't bother, pal. There's no there there with barking moonbats. Alas.

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Nonsense, Fox admitted that they were lying to keep a rabid, racist audience. People go to Fox because they want the lies. The Left has nothing to do with the issue. If Fox News told the truth, the audience would go to another Right wing site or station.

Edit to add:

Regarding Glenn’s , ahem, thoughts, how would they be applied?

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dumb and idiotic. propaganda troll.

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You must lead a sad life.

Have a nice weekend

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your bot whole doesn't pass the sniff test, troll.

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Cripes, you seem like a caricature of a liberal that only a high-school kid or a beta version of AI could come up with. Are you for real? Maybe you're young and will get right with age—one can always hope.

In the meantime, have you read Heather Mac Donald's exegesis on American policing as it relates to blacks? She coined the phrase "The Ferguson Effect" by the way. The book is: "The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe" published in 2016 BEFORE the 2020 uprising and BLM's effective national campaign to browbeat liberals into supporting "Defund the Police" (Fund the Schools!) efforts nationwide and to export America's racial crackup worldwide. Yay us!

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Conservatives are hilarious. Faux outrage will not help your cause. Yes, I have wasted hours of my life reading the crap put out by the likes of Sowell and MacDonald.

The truth is that police departments were not defunded

Democrat-run cities spend more money on policing than Republican-run cities, with the 25 largest Democrat-run cities spending 38 percent more on policing per capita than the 25 largest Republican-run cities.

Of the 25 largest cities, 20 saw increases in their police budgets from FY 2019 to FY 2022. Twenty-one of these cities are run by Democrats.

The 25 largest cities saw their police budgets grow by a total of 5 percent from FY 2019 to FY 2022.

Democrat-run cities have more police per capita than Republican-run cities. The 25 largest Democrat-run cities employ 75 percent more police officers per capita than the 25 largest Republican-run cities.

At the federal level, President Joe Biden and Democrats sponsored and secured passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which provides federal resources to support police departments. Republicans voted against President Biden’s ARPA, which included $350 million in federal funding to hire more police.

Cities across the country, both big and small, are using funds provided by President Biden and Democrats under the American Rescue Plan to support law enforcement.


Others have assessed MacDonald’s BLM narrative and found it lacking.


Conservatives do seem to fly of the handle and spew insults at the drop of the hat. This makes Conservatives appear as two-year olds in adult bodies.

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Gotcha. Standard issue liberal flack. How boring.

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I’m laughing in tears right now.

Your humor made my day

Here is a criticism of Sowell’s nonsense


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Criticize this. From a speech given on his book "The Quest for Cosmic Justice" (11/1/1999):


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15 minutes I will never regain

Sowell starts with a home run example, citing Mark McGwire as the golf standard

McGwire used steroids


Then he moves on to poorly funded schools who can’t teach children because of poor resources. Although he was able to learn excellent writing skills in the school. He then tells us he was a high school dropout who still managed to make it to Harvard because his school taught him to spell. He makes a leap to say that if his marvelous spelling skills that got him into Harvard happened in the era of Affirmative Action, he would have wound up on welfare. This is nonsense. There is no critical thought here.

Next comes gibberish about mascots.

Then comes gulags because people were trying to achieve social Justice

He then says that people will lie to achieve their goals and use character assassination to belittle opponents (Tuckems)

Then we hear about Lenin who overruled the desire of workers (Republican book banning and vote suppression). Lenin did not care about what the people wanted (Republicans and abortion rights)

Sowell says that Cosmic Justice only benefits those who support ideas that are not supported by the masses. Again this sounds like Republicans voting for things not supported by the public at large.

So much nonsense here. The McGuire example did not hold up well. Neither do the bizarre leaps of thought.

If I remember the book correctly, Sowell thought the Miranda warning was reaching for Cosmic Justice. Thanks again for reminding me about Sowell’s nonsense.

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Dr Loury mentions Roland Fryer’s work. Fryer’s says defunding “could” cause thousands of lives. This may be true. We need numbers crunched on how many lives are being lost because police departments who are publicly outed for misbehavior are pulling back on policing.

If police will respond to publicly acknowledged misbehavior by slowing down, how can we expect good policing?

From one of Fryer’s studies

Our estimates suggest that investigating police departments after viral incidents of police violence is responsible for approximately 450 excess homicides per year. This is 2x the loss of life in the line of duty for the US Military in a year, 12.6x the annual loss of life due to school shootings, and 3x the loss of life due to lynchings between 1882 and 1901 – the most gruesome years.


Investigating the police results in police not doing their jobs.The Chicago police decreased activity after being investigated for shooting someone in the back 16 times!

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I have no sympathy for a police officer who "pulls back" due to an investigation into credible allegations of police abuse. That angers me. It's like they're holding us all hostage. It's like they are saying "appreciate me and don't question my tactics or I will stop doing my job and you will suffer." And they think an increase in crime when they stop doing their job proves that their tactics are justified. Bullshit! The only opponent that argument works against are those who truly want to defund and dismantle the police. Most sane people just want incremental improvements in policing and for credible cases of abuse to be taken seriously.

On the other hand, the media insisting that every case of police on black force is primarily racist, is not helping anyone. Being a slave to that narrative is counterproductive. Just imagine if CNN came out a month after one of these viral encounters where they were pushing a racist narrative and said "we have some good news to report. After a thorough investigation there appears to be no racial motivations behind this encounter between this white cop and black civilian." That would not only be the correct thing to do just baed on basic principles of honesty and integrity, but it would give them so much more credibility with the general public.

The left could actually have some good points on this topic, but they are so trapped by the rigidity of their position on race that they cannot even acknowledge evidence to the contrary. That makes them weak on this topic.

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Defund the police is a distraction. Police funding is at worse stable, in many cases it has increased. Biden argues for increased police funding. Similarly, there is no serious discussion about prison abolition.

Only a few cases of alleged police abuse receive national attention. In many cases that receive national attention, the police are found not guilty despite questionable actions. In the Breonna Taylor case, the police appeared to have lied to obtain a warrant. They killed an innocent woman. The local prosecutor only charged one cop. That officer was charged for shooting at the wall of a neighbor’s house. Trust in the local prosecutor plummeted. There were no charges when Eric Garner was chocked to death for selling loose cigarettes. Police departments react to national coverage and being held to a legal standard by work slow downs. The police are held to the higher standard because they are the ones authorized to carry arms by the public. The police are the only ones who can break the cycle of distrust. The so-called “rigidity” of the Left on holding police to a legal standard is because the police are resistant to change.

The police officer who killed Breonna Taylor, was recently hired by another police department. The credibility problem is not created by the response to police abuse by the Left. The credibility problem is on the police. If the response of police departments continues to be that they cannot be criticized, don’t expect the Left to give an inch politically.

As I said, the majority of killings of unarmed Black people by police are not recorded. When armed Blacks are killed by police, that is generally made clear. The counterproductive part of the discussion is when the arguments become “there aren’t that many police homicides”, etc.

The media is already seen as biased. When a white supremacist leaks documents we see him shown is his military uniform.We only later learn of his racist emails. When a disturbed Black man is choked to death on a subway, we almost immediately hear about his police record. Sadly, there is no trust given to anyone.

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So do you believe that the media, in general, doesn't have a particular interest in showing encounters where the police injure or kill a black person? You think they downplay or minimize cases of police injuring or killing black people?

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I think we do not see every case of suspected police abuse. I don’t think we see every case of a police officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty.

When Obama was in office the media told the story of Hadiya Pendleton who was (allegedly, because the conviction has been recently overturned by an appeals court) murdered by a Black gangbanger in a case of mistaken identity weeks after performing with a band at Obama’s inauguration


CPD officer Areanah Preston was shot to death by Black gangbangers. Her death was caught on video


We likely know both stories because they happened in Chicago which is a media hub. Both homicide victims have compelling stories. The suspected perpetrators were captured in reasonable time. My point is that similar cases in smaller towns don’t receive the same attention. If you are asking if I think every case of a police officer killing a Black person is broadcast, no I do not.

Do I think people on the Left are not saddened by the deaths, no I do not. In the cases of Black thugs killing these two precious women, there was, or will be, a criminal trial.

In the case of Breonna Taylor and Eric Garner the thugs in uniform did not face criminal charges

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--"If you are asking if I think every case of a police officer killing a Black person is broadcast, no I do not."

How could you possibly interpret my question this way?

Let me try this way

An unarmed person is shot by police on camera. Do you think that story is more likely to be picked up by NATIONAL media if the person is black or white?

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My South African Boerboel (Mastiff) is staring me down this morning, waiting for that special diet food. The dog eats better than me. 🤣

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They are hilarious

You are living well, which they hate

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Now imagine if you weren’t such a crude, horrid person, that dog could be a wife. ☹️

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Or, as Tim Pool said, "why did the dog of the gay couple in Paris have Monkeypox on its anus?"


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Too far? Idk 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Kinda funny because I've been so impressed by how effortlessly cool and laid back you present, especially on Bill Maher, that I've been thinking on and off this week "I wish I didn't feel the urge to rant now and then, drag mankind up steep pyramid steps, throw them on an altar of all their silly, insane beliefs and behavior, and rip their hearts out with my Vorpal words. So alienating. I need to make an effort to be more like Glenn Loury."

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