Mr. Loury,

I heard your rant and we need far more of it from you and many other leaders in the Black community. I have concerns about the disintegration of the family, both Black and White, in America. I also have deep concerns of education standards regarding the Black community. I am convinced that the liberal left believes Blacks are not intellectually capable at performing at high academic levels. To adjust for this belief, they lower academic standards. I cannot think of a more racist thing to do.

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Love you passion! Of course, it helps that I agree....

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Your “rant” is the reason I will always be your subscriber!

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There are roving bands of Black youth destroying property. They should be arrested.

The police are doing a slow down because if they abuse someone, they fear arrest.

What is the solution to this problem?

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As a black person I’m tired of making excuses and hearing excuses about why crimes are being committed by black men. It’s just so frustrating. The criminal mind is using blackness to explain their weaknesses period!

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Alrighty, ALmighty

Talking about dumb-fucking white trash, sometimes you got to take out the trash;

The stages of a society (and USA equivalent):

1. Pioneers 1600 - 1800 (founding of colonies and independence)

2. Mercantilism 1800 - 1900 (rough overlap with industrial revolution)

3. Intellectualism 1900 - 1970 (banskters, bureaucrat class, financialization, obsessing over rules and scientific rationale over morality)

4. Decadence 1970 - 2020 (frivolities, escapism, parastic explosion, mental illness, nihilism)

5. Collapse <--- You are here. Civilizations have life cycles and the populace are like cells. Once the cancer spreads, the host cannot survive. Notice how the periods between get shorter and shorter from hundreds of years to decades. This is it. No turning back. Only question is how bad it will be, rest is mental masturbation.

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ZOG took 300 years to manufacture the ideology that led to WW1, and WW2; Recent white on white war murder is ran by BANKERS, all wars are banker wars, and engineered to destroy countrys so bankers can flip real-estate buy low, sell high

But so fucking what? Spartans killed Greeks, they sure look white to me

Apes kill Ape

Racial profiling is really fucking bullshit, when you get down to it, the criminally inclined don't look at skin color, they only see the loot;

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No offense to the brothers, but they even call out each other as 'dumb niggers'.

For those of you who question the 'black race' I suggest you go to Africa for a long tour, and see how they live in the wild, actually the villages are quite pleasant,

But in the citys, its baltimore on steroids 24/7, dead bodys litter the streets and remain until family picks them up

little girls go to the city to clean-house for rich, and as soon as their pregnant and tossed out on the street, to become whores

when I was last in nairobi it was 5 cents a fuck, and nobody used a condom because they were $1

the average guy coming home from work, did 5 fucks a day, HIV was 80% in most urban areas


So yes, blacks in their own homelands do what they do, and guess fucking what, in africa there is no white guy to blame

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Over the top? Not at all on this one. Not sure why you thought you went too far. The defence of Tucker Carlson - THAT was downright bizarre coming from you. But I was like okay, once in awhile we all go off our nut...

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I am currently reading a book about the Leo Frank trial, which took place in 1913. The author writes about a landmark Georgia Supreme Court case that was decided a few years before the Frank trial in favor of a black woman who was accidentally injured when a street car conductor attacked a black man who refused to pay his fare. The author quotes from the decision in which the Court describes the behavior of the “lower order of the negro race” as “vicious”. Times have not changed much. Why has this gone on for so long?

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I don’t think very many people say that black culture is “fundamentally flawed.” But I do think that a lot of people would say that black culture is sick. And I think that the problem is that black people in America are conditioned, by history, experience, and media messaging to view everything through a racial lens, and an awful lot of them seem to blame all their ills on white racism. And an awful lot of white people appear to agree with them. I have seen, once, an individual escape - she literally turned her life around. I don’t think many people are capable of that. And it seems that government efforts to remedy the situation merely validate that view in the eyes of those who hold it. I can’t offer solutions. I don’t think there are any.

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Sorry if someone already made this comment. Last night on the news (WGN/NewsNation?) they said that Tucker Carlson will have a new show on twitter.

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Ah...The first sign of the intellectually defeated, ad hominem attack. Either say something to counter my obvious observation that access and quality of treatment is often dependent on wealth status or humbly apologize for your myopic error, or get lost. I've already wasted too many pixels on your nastiness. Feel free to have the last word, since everything you have thus far said is plain testimony to your inadequate drivel.

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Glenn needs to review the empirical evidence further. He continues to cope about the clear evidence to suggest that African people are predisposed, genetically, to violence. Ironic how Glenn says 'I'm going to stay in touch with reality" when he simply refused to acknowledge the data, or perhaps he chooses to ignore it.

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Glenn’s rant identifies the 2020 riots as a trigger for police in Chicago pulling back. The fact that they are not as outraged about January 6th where multiple law enforcement officers were attacked is concerning. Leaving the insurrection aside, there are problems within the Chicago police department that led to the DOJ criticizing CPD for abuse. This preceded 2020


The Black community deserves good policing, but they also deserve a police department that is not guilty of using excessive force. If the CPD says that it will not aggressively enforce laws without abusing the community, there will never be effective law enforcement.

Conservatives criticize Liberals for “defunding”:police, something that seems to happen rarely, but are outraged when funding for education is increased. They scream about teachers wasting money, but ignore police inefficiency. If teachers are criticized for poor student outcomes, shouldn’t police be criticized for poor levels of solving crimes?

We seem to be ready to hold teachers accountable, but criticism of police is off limits.

(Last line edited)

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My South African Boerboel (Mastiff) is staring me down this morning, waiting for that special diet food. The dog eats better than me. 🤣

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