Political? A power grab?

I hear echoes of a phrase I haven’t heard in a while: “the gay agenda.” Is it now “the trans agenda?”

While I do think a child who insists that their body is wrong for who they really are needs to have the benefit of objective medical and psychological counseling before radical steps are taken, and while it’s true that many children go through phases where they wonder about their assigned gender, this is no reason to discredit either all transgender people or the concept itself.

The National Academy of Science disproved the idea that homosexuality is a choice by demonstrating the role of the hypothalamus in sexual attraction. Further research at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience has shown corresponding differences in youths with gender dysphoria.

“The gays” never all got together to plot anything.

“The trans people” are not all getting together to mastermind some kind of overthrow of accepted norms.

I’m sorry for people who are so inflexible and whose understanding is so shallow that their world seems torn apart when they encounter people who are different from them. That doesn’t give them the right to control other people’s lives.

For the record, I’m a het/cis woman.

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Your post proves that LGB and T people should stick together, because, whether you realize it or not, the accusations you made against transgender people are nearly identical to those that have been made against lesbian, gay and bisexual people for decades.

LGBT people have been accused of going against science; that living their lives as they choose is somehow a threat to the rest of society; and that those who might be labeled "homophobe" or "transphobe" for making homophobic or transphobic comments are the real victims.

There is no power grab by transgender or gay people. Being trans is not a choice any more than being gay is a choice. LGBT people exist in the world, and their existence does not diminish anyone else's.

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In the future reversible sex change kits will be all the rage. One who is nominally male may experience what it means to be a woman, or vice versa —as no power of empathy can possibly equal—and be back by dinner time.

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I was in the East Village studying at The Cooper Union from 72 -76 and all of this stuff was around in the Lower East Side ....lots of Trannies ( as they were called) walking the streets servicing guys in cars. Also crack head zombies in traffic washing windows ..... 50 years later people are still transfixed by this. Americans sadly are voyeurs causing an oversupply of oversexed narcissists ( porn star?)who supply the same images . Their moms must be so proud.

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Douglas Murray hits the nail on the head when he says there is no such thing as an LGBT...LMNOP "community."

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Glenn Loury - you are not a "conservative" if you think homosexual marriage is even possible. Conservatives know what marriage is, you don't.

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T - true T people - are a rounding error. I would think the LGB folks are getting a little tired of T canibalizing their numbers.

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A few thoughts on our current gender craze.

It is undeniable that there has been an explosion of children having non gender conforming issues and that this has been promoted by an agenda that seeks to destabilize traditional values based on biologic sex which is binary. We have seen this in what is being taught to the children, what is being fed in academia, attempts at modification of our basic language, the mass social contagion that has occurred and the quickness with which the medical field is ready to affirm these doubts promulgated by gender activists in the first place. We are having irreversible damage done to our kids under our watch. This is absolutely true. To understand what is going on I suggest you watch the playlist the Trans human agenda, to see what, how and why this is going on. We definitely have to fight this.

On the other side of the coin, are those individuals who had gender dysphoria way before any sociopolitical agenda, who were evaluated extensively by psychologists and treated for their dysphoria. Some even transition to be able to cope better with their lives. They still exist, and others like them still exist and will still exist even if the Transhuman agenda is defeated. And we can’t make enemies out of them, nor destroy their lives while we attempt to combat the Transhuman agenda. They have a right to exist as do any other people with mental disorders. And as many people who learn to cope with their disorders and live fruitful lives, they should be permitted to do so. While we don’t have to accept ideological claims that they are biologically the sex they identify with, so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others, by forcing language on them, by diminishing their own identities (i.e. birthing parent instead of mother), by forcing medicine to deny biologic reality, or by allowing biologic males to compete with biologic females just because of their identity, we should still accommodate them in all ways that do not infringe on other people’s rights.

If we defeat the Transhuman agenda, we still will have children who have possible gender dysphoria, who, even if we don’t push them into identifying as trans, who through many years of evaluation and exploring all alternatives, still, at an age when they have full mental capacity to do so, will feel that fully immersing themselves into the opposite sex identity is the only thing that works for them. And once they do, we should not seek to destroy them for it. We don’t have to accept them as a new biologic sex just because they identify as such, but we can accept that it is ok for them to do so if it makes them happier.

Once this much smaller pool of true gender dysphoric people exists, and for those who, as consenting adults, chose to transition their bodies to better fit their self-image, accommodations should be made like that of any other person with a disorder. They should be able to live as normal a life as they can. If a person of their same bio sex is willing to accept them as functionally being the opposite sex and marries them, we should respect that. If that couple chooses to adopt, and they pass a rigorous evaluation to see if they are fit to be parents, we should respect that. And if a transgender woman chooses to adopt and passes all rigorous evaluations showing she is fit to adopt, then she should be able to be an adoptive transgender mother. This is not to say that we are doing what they are trying to do now, where we have to deny science and accept that a biologic man can now be identified as a biologic mother, or that transgender men can become biologic women, but in the same way we accept women who can’t have babies and adopt, and we call them adoptive mothers, or step mother, or foster mothers, all not truly biologic mothers to the child, but we accept them as participating in that role. In the same manner, those that choose to do so, and have passed all evaluations that say they are fit to do so, should be allowed to be, and be called mothers to the children they adopt. And any other female role they choose to partake in that is not in direct competition with their biologic counter parts. Same for transgender men.

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These people had already accumulated a load of mental issues before jumping to the conclusion that a sex change will solve all of their problems. This is just one example from a video on YT last year. A trans couple somehow had a baby. (The poor little thing.) Long story short, the "mommy" who was a biological male had been looking forward ever so much to nursing "her" baby. When "she" discovered that she could not nurse a baby she was devastated and whined about having been cheated. The camera captured "her" breakdown and someone upped it to YT. It was probably the "father" who is a biological female.

We are allowing insane people to bully the other 99% of the population into playing along with the former's delusions. We are being forced to lie by using their pronouns, mangle the rules of grammar, destroy women's sports, and allow creepy men to strut around naked in women's changing rooms.

I don't know anyone IRL who isn't outraged by this nonsense.

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I’m in shock that your wife is still a leftie- does she not see the harm they have caused in this country - specially in inner cities? I was a leftist - the more research and Thomas sowell I watched the more disgusted I became - yikes

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Pregnancy Outcomes in a US Cohort of Transgender People

Transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse (trans) people have worse health outcomes than cisgender individuals. Trans individuals can and do become pregnant,1 but there are limited data regarding pregnancy outcomes. Prenatal care access barriers,2 minority stress and stigma,3 and prior or ongoing use of testosterone may place trans people at heightened risk of perinatal complications. We evaluated pregnancy outcomes among commercially and publicly insured trans people.


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Yes FT, that is Bill Gate's passion and he's spending/donating millions on this.

One wonders if this was just one component of the Plandemic.

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You are closer to correct there Jake, but they don't have the "passion" that the stars of Fox have. They do smirk and laugh at the left, I'll concede that.

I have to admit that I love being on Twitter and giving the left jabs and pointing out their hypocrisy. I do this with coffee in the morning while watching Newsmax, but I will also admit I mute it when Joe, KJP or Kamala are being shown.

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I get that Jake, thanks for the education there.

I just watched a segment this am on Newsmax, where they were talking about Transdisabled people. Trans people who identify with being disabled; some have even had life altering surgeries to cripple themselves permanently. Where has all this craziness come from?

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Wonderful discussion 👏. These issues need to be discussed.

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I am same-sex married and 65 years old. I could teach a gay history class, much of it from personal observation. For starters, I think the best treatment of transgenderism is at the link. I caution those who read it -- Glenn Lowry, you really ought to -- will get some vertigo. Put up with it; the author isn't a professional writer, but I think she nailed it.


Whenever I discuss the "T" with hetero friends, one point I always make is that I am just as invested in "the binary" as they are. I'm a man drawn to men. Always have been, always will be. And no, someone cannot change their sex. "Gender" is to some degree culturally defined, but is inextricably linked to sex. Homo sapiens is a sexually dimorphic species, the occasional (and VERY rare) intersex condition notwithstanding.

All of these things fall within a probability distribution, but the differences are real. To put it another way, cosmetic surgery doesn't change anything but the exterior. Hormones? I don't know enough, other than to believe that they are powerful drugs with many risks and therefore should not be given to minors for this purpose. Which brings up another point: There's a lot we don't know about the nature of homosexuality and heterosexuality, let alone sex and "gender," whatever that is.

One thing I think I do know is this: The T is in a different category than the G. Most Ts are heterosexual men who suffer from autogynephilia. It's examined in detail at the link I posted. Finally, to all those who have posted here about homosexuality being an abomination, blah blah blah, if I'm going to burn in hell forever, why not have a few decades of peace, and some joy? If a parochial school education and all the praying couldn't make me straight, I have a difficult time imagining that kids can be persuaded to be gay.

Oh, one more point. I see these surveys purporting to show that 1 in 4 kids "identify" as "LGBT." Really? If I were emperor, there'd be a VERY detailed questionnaire on that one. Couldn't ever get away with it these days; the conservative side would go crazy at the questions. Suffice to say that it's one thing to tell a questionnaire that you "identify," and another thing to tell a questionnaire exactly what you've done about it.

This too shall pass. For all the bricks thrown at Kinsey over the decades, I think he pretty much nailed it by saying that 3% of the population is homosexual. Maybe a bit more now that the consequences aren't so severe as they were in 1948, but it ain't 25%. No way.

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