Excellent segment - looking forward to the whole.

Norman Finkelstein is a treasure. IMO his new book will be a landmark (yes, acerbic, but with good cause)..

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You disagree with DeSantis’ actions against Disney?

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You know absolutely nothing about me and yet you use all manner of vile accusations against me. I trust one day you will be free of the hatred and bitterness which keeps you in bondage.

That is sincerely meant, for what it’s worth.

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Vacuity spoken in relation to Kendi is an intellectual upgrade. My youngest was assigned "How to be an Anti Racist" and I sttruggled through fewer than one hundred pages and picked up a Dr. Sowell book. PUH LEEZ!

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Thomas Sowell admits that his work is simplistic in that the truth is easy to explain. Kendi is complex which in Sowell’s view ignores the simple truth

“People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.”


Kendi is, admittedly, an easy target. To be honest, I’m not sure HBCUs could afford his speaking fees. Most of the clips I have seen are at majority white institutions.

Modern Conservative talking points about Blacks not fully integrating into society are old dog whistles. The Dunning school at University of Chicago championed this myth. The ideology was white centered and included the idea that Reconstruction failed because Blacks were not worthy. W.E.B. DuBois debunked that nonsense in “Black Reconstruction” pointing out the hard work and progress made by Blacks during the period and the backlash white society response.

Today we have Conservatives who are sad when President Biden uses the term white supremacy at a commencement speech at Howard University. One Fox News person actually said the Howard students were dumb. Another said the students had never faced real racism.

Conservatives rush to ban books about Black history because it will make Blacks hate the United States. Yes, Blacks are so dumb that they need whites to control their reading material.

Biden’s statement about white supremacy being the biggest terrorist threat is true. The fact that Conservatives critize the statement and want Black history banned speaks volumes. When they wonder why Blacks reject Conservatives at the ballot box, they should look in the mirror.

Ibrim Kendi is not the problem. For most Black Americans, Conservatives are the obstruction. Want police reform, they divert to the fringe talking about true defunding the police and prison abolition. Want background checks supported by the majority of Americans, they yell the Democrats want to take our guns. Conservatives are the biggest enemy of the Black community in the United States. Kendi is a nice diversion.

Edit to add:

Comes to mind, Black IQs are so,low, they can’t read Kendi’s book. No need to worry.

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Do you believe that white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat? Or is that statement merely propaganda? Islamists murdered more people in one day in the United States than white supremacists have in 30 years,

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Yes, I believe that there will be more death in the United States due to white supremacists than Islamists in 2023. Do you have data to suggest otherwise?

The guy who masterminded the 9/11 attack is fish food.

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Either you misread what I wrote, or you deliberately distorted it. I stated a fact that Islamists have murdered more people in one day in the United States than white supremacists have in 30 years. You cannot dispute that statement because it is accurate. As to whether Islamists or white supremacists will cause more deaths in the United States in 2023, we will have to wait and see. As to Bin Laden and Islamist leadership, the fact that one major Islamist leader is dead does not mean that others cannot fill the void. You might benefit from a university education which includes philosophy, religion, and political science. Logic and clarity are not hallmarks for you.

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You asked what I believe is the greatest threat to the United States

To me that was a statement meant to be answered in the present tense

I responded in the present tense

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Republicans believe Islam gave terrorists super powers…of course they also believe many young Black males that flee from cops will kill millions if the cops don’t shoot them in the back.

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I have to assume that the two bizarre statements that you have made are figurative. Even if they are, they communicate nothing that a rational mind would care to consider.

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Conservatives have no problem when white supremacists attack law enforcement in D.C.

They cry “defund” when police reform is mentioned

BUT they want to abolish the FBI

Things that make you want to go…..Hmmm.

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Unsubstantiated, ridiculous statements like yours make thinking people want to persuade you to start an education.

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Guilt hustling of any stripe metastasizes faster in a culture forgetful of (and increasingly hostile to) what, broadly speaking, used to be called Christendom--the only meta-culture in which tolerant pluralism is a well-grounded value. That is, in a re-paganized and re-paganizing society, objective moral guilt festers graceless, repressed inside everyone's conscience, with no place to go to be truly atoned.

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Success! We can end the injustice and get on with life. That is wonderful news.

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Abigail Fisher is a diversion. She brought a case and it was adjudicated against her. I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

College admissions have for many years been predicated on the demonstrated ability of students to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. This has generally been displayed through standardized test taking. The better the scores, the better one’s chance of admission; the hateful meritocratic system. Blacks, on average and for a host of reasons, have not scored as well as other groups and have been admitted, based on merit, at lower rates than their share of population. Affirmative action and the newer Equity movement seeks to change this, not by emphasizing more rigorous preparation of black students but by awarding points for being black or by eliminating objective standards. This is an injustice not only to those students who merited admission but to those black students who predictably fail because of their lack of capacity.

If you are arguing that less qualified white students are being admitted over equally or more qualified white students, you are living in a different universe.

Kind regards.

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just now

In this universe

African American graduation rate

Princeton 93%

Harvard 92%

Duke 96%

UPenn 94%

Yale 92%

Columbia 90%

Fisher is cited because the mediocre student was backed by Conservative groups whining about “reverse discrimination”. Their attack on Affirmative Action is ongoing.

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STEM degrees are what matter. McKenzie Bezos is on the right track donating millions to Xavier of New Orleans which is one of the best for STEM education. Harvard and Yale should give all of Epstein’s donations to the HBCUs that graduate the most STEM degrees and then let’s just get rid of affirmative action.

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No problem with a STEM focus

“Affirmative Action” will still be in majority white schools

The beneficiaries will be white legacy students taking positions that minority students deserve.

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I remember a well-meaning, not super-woke white friend on Facebook a few years ago making a casual comment about how 'white supremacy is baked into everything'. I challenged her, but I don't remember what I said. What stuck in my mind was how she bought into that in the first place, *because* she wasn't 'woke'.

Challenging this silliness doesn't mean denying there's any such thing as structural racism, just that we need to identify and call out those who encourage reactionary values and attitudes like Kendi & the rest in the grievance industry (and not just the 'antiracists') encourage. Not a one of them seems to understand how they hold 'their people' back by encouraging a weak belief in one's own powerlessness. For hucksters like Kendi and the rest of the Black Victim Brigade it pays very well - and DiAngelo rides their coattails and does an excellent job of helping white people keep today's black people down by encouraging that sense of victimhood, which kills the spirit of any black person who doesn't have the wealth, education, and privilege Kendi has.

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You acknowledge the structural racism. Heck, it even seems like the IRS is magically more likely to target Black citizens. There are health care disparities not explained by economic status. There are multiple other examples, but your focus is on Kendi and Di Angelo? This Conservative argument makes no sense.

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It's not a particularly conservative argument, unless you think personal responsibility is only for conservatives. The left tends to downplay personal responsibility although the right isn't immune to it. But the victimhood industry seems mostly to be coming from the left.

Blaming others, structural -isms, etc., only get you so far. At some point you've got to ask yourself what *you* contribute to your personal situation. Or whether there are group values holding you back.

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The personal responsibility nonsense is a dodge. Pointing out injustice is not rejecting personal responsibility. That argument is one made by Conservatives.

“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”

― Zora Neale Hurston

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Scammers gonna scam and hustlers gonna hustle. Grievance is an industry and it was that way before Kendi got on the monetization train. Society is full of mediocrities who are presented as somehow exceptional people. There is nothing exceptional about Henry Rogers. Not his made-up name, not his 'scholarship,' not whatever substance lies in what tries to pass as arguments. Same applies to Robin DiAngelo, who has also cashed in on the grievance gravy train.

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King was 50 years ago.

And more ad hominem.

I wish you well.

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Your statement

-Jason Reiner

4 hr ago

So you are justifying injustice. Nice to know. Leftist ethics are certainly different. Pairs well with “by whatever means necessary.”

Your position leaves you with no intellectually honest response to injustice against yourself. It’s just about power. I don’t think that makes for a better world. As I recall, neither did the early civil rights leaders.-

MLK was one of the early civil rights leaders

King supported Affirmative Action

You say early civil rights leaders would not you claim is an “injustice”

Now you say “50 years ago.

This is why I used the term “Conservative gibberish”

You are not an honest debater

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I addressed dealing with injustice by and to living, contemporary people in an earlier post. If you’ll review, I am all for it. Assigning guilt to a living person for something done to another person hundreds of years ago is unjust. My position has nothing to do with power beyond that needed to enforce just law. Legitimate State power, not group or party power.

Not sure by what route you draw your conclusion about my position. It must be late, I’m have difficulty understanding your argument.

If MLK supported affirmative action so be it, it was a debatable position then. It is unsupportable 50 years later by any rationale.

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I responded to a statement you made. I pointed out the ridiculous case of Abigail Fisher that is not ancient history. Elite college admissions are rigged in favor of mostly white studentsp. Black students are called too dumb to enter.

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Glenn and Norman nailed in on Ibrahim Kendi. He is a cartoonish fraud and his oeuvre won't pass the test of time. America has a long history of grifters and frauds, and Kendi will join that pantheon. As has always been the case, the most amazing thing about frauds is the gullibility of their audience. Whether what's being peddled is a magic elixir, no-risk high-return investments or white guilt, peoples' ability to suspend the most remote scintilla of common sense remains a head-scratcher.

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So you are justifying injustice. Nice to know. Leftist ethics are certainly different. Pairs well with “by whatever means necessary.”

Your position leaves you with no intellectually honest response to injustice against yourself. It’s just about power. I don’t think that makes for a better world. As I recall, neither did the early civil rights leaders.

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Yawn. Typical Conservative diversion.

Stop the initial injustice

That will help make the system better

The second so-called injustice is an adjustment to the first.

My response is intellectually honest

Your response is to do nothing

How dare you lecture me about the early civil rights leaders.

MLK addressed just and unjust laws

There is no obligation to obey an injustice

King disobeyed unjust laws

If the system is rigged against Black people, it is just to apply a corrective

In the long run, you don’t have to worry

The Conservatives on the Supreme Court will destroy the few remnants of Affirmative Action

The Court has already tipped its hand by allowing the injustice of voter suppression

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It is not I arguing against justice, or defending injustice, it is you. For reasons I do not understand.

How does one stop an initial injustice? One may stop an ongoing injustice or punish an unjust actor or cause restitution by the unjust actor to the aggrieved; all of which would be supported by me or any other conservative.

How is injustice in any way an appropriate, or useful, response to injustice?

My response is to do nothing? An ad hominem diversion and slanderous.

One can hope the Court will finally rule that the way to end discrimination is to stop discriminating.

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Again Conservative gibberish. King was supportive of Affirmative Action. The legacy admissions will continue. You will get your wish. The Conservatives on the court will to not stop the discriminatory legacy admissions that benefit whites.

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Ok, I’m gonna break down and subscribe this weekend since I’ve made so many comments here.

Finkelstein was a Bernie supporter in 2016. Sanders never made inroads with the bulk of African American voters. Blacks were among those who referred to Sanders supporters as Bernie Bros. Sanders supporters always seemed very willing to throw Black voters under the bus and would say so publicly. Sanders and his supporters were never really trusted. Conservatives will argue that Democrats as a whole will through Black voters under the bus. The thing is that like Sanders supporters, Conservatives will spit in our faces publicly. James Clyburn intervened to help slow down Sanders. Most Black voters were not sad about this.

Like Conservatives, Finkelstein whines about identity politics, something practiced to target white voters for decades, but concerning when applied to Black voters.


About 20% of Sanders supporters voted for Trump. Finkelstein’s comments about Kendi, et al all are not surprising. To be honest, Kendi is not considered a major figure for most Black voters. We usually get reminded of Kendi when we hear rants from Conservatives and Bernie Bros.

The classic article that brought the identity politics debate front and center was the Mark Lilla piece in the NYT in 2016


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As A White Male

I Always Make It Clear To Women, Black People, Brown People, Asians, Jews, You Name It:

When We Interact ...

That They Are Victims,

And That I Am Their Victimizer.

Spoiler Alert: I Do The Same Thing With White Men.


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Poor baby

Perhaps, if you are silent about book bans and voter suppression, you might be an oppressor

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Book bans like To Kill a Mockingbird, Huck Finn, and Catcher in the Rye, or quasi-pornographic books depicting blowjobs that people want in school libraries? The former group is the work of the left which, hoping to avoid accusations of outright bans, has shifted to rewriting old texts in the name of sensitivity. It's one more example of the tedious habit of trying to make the past conform to the present.

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So Conservatives like Moms for Liberty are not dictating that books like the Bluest Eye, etc. should be banned?

There is a novel titled James scheduled to be published in March 2014, telling the story from the perspective of Jim. Is that what you are talking about. To my knowledge the original Huck Finn will remain on bookshelves.

Can you cite sources for the others.

Seems like Conservative Governors are making statewide decisions. Are “Leftist” Governors doing the same thing?

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No, but I can cite numerous attempts by 'social justice' activists to ban, censor, and remove books from libraries they don't like, mainly any book critical of the transgender movement/craze. I can cite numerous successful 'cancel' events on social media to shut down anyone the far let doesn't like, not to mentioned those 'deplatformed' on college campuses because they dared to challenge Woke Sacred Writ.

Both sides love and adore censorship, and both suffer from the delusion that only the other side does it (the left in particular suffers from this, but the right does too). Just as they accuse the *other* side of being a bunch of pedophiles, as though pedophilia had anything to do with politics. I wrote about this recently, comparing left & white authoritarian censorship, and am working on an article now about just how dictatorial Canadian library censorship by the left has become.

How each side censors merely differs.

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That should have been 'right authoritarian censorship', not 'white'.

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I’ve seen Moms for Liberty in action.

Can you cite the Liberal book bans in the United States?

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Brilliant opening paragraph. Screencapping and sharing.

I'm actually starting to break down the damage my natal Anglo-American Yankee culture has done by fostering Wokeism in general. It's not just "white guilt" — it's more complex than that. We don't describe ourselves or our culture, ever, which is part of the whole thing. Much of it has to do with putting all of humanity before us, which John McWhorter has correctly called "well intentioned." The path to this Woke Hell we're has been paved with the good intentions of the Anglo-American establishment. For instance, A.G. Sulzberg at our traditional clarion, The New York Times, has gone so high church with this that he's even publishing an Anglican minister in the Opinion column. He needs to put down the sacrament wine and go to a meeting.

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