Reparations are not going to happen on a national sense. If the argument is about injury done by enslavement, the entities that caused the injury are Britain, France, Spain, Holland etc.

A recent book, “The Black Reparations Project”, argues that only United States citizens who are African descendants of slavery (ADOS) are eligible. Barack Obama does not qualify. The late Botham Jean, Andrew Louima, would not meet the criteria. This is a diversion. It does give Conservatives the red meat they need.

Reparations helps Conservatives ignore the incompetent House Republicans who have a leader accepting a deal with the White House before counting the numbers to make absolutely certain that he had the votes. The Republican House, white Affirmative Action at its finest. Perhaps IQ testing is in order?

Edit to add:

Ralph Yarl, the teenager armed with Black skin who was shot in the head by a white guy in Kansas would not be eligible

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President Obama, a protege of radical white patrons, could have put an end to the emphasis on victimhood rather than agency and opportunity. He could have redirected the National narrative in a much more productive direction to the benefit of all. Those who see racism behind every tree now need to resort to career criminals as their new folk heroes. Such a wasted opportunity for all of us.

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I've been to Australia, Britain, Scotland, Africa, and 150-plus countries around the world. The Australian Aboriginals were subject to genocide and brutality. Their were kids (near-looking to whites) who were forcibly taken by whites for adoption. This lasted until the 1970s.

BTW, children of white indentured servants and convicts were not codified into the status of permanent slavery after birth. Indentured servants usually had 7-year contracts and were then given hundreds of acres of free indigenous land. Whites have received billions of acres of free Indian and abundant free African labor which mal distributed massive generation wealth and power to whites.

Just think if freed black slaves received their 40 areas and a mule after the end of the American Civil War. The value of the land today? The ones who received it were forced to return it.

Racism is a competitive relationship between groups for ownership and control of resources wealth and power. Europeans got the head start and affirmative action programs through the genocide of the indigenous, billions of acres of free Indian/indigenous land, and authoritarian apartheid policies.

The black group wealth of only 2% in this country hasn't changed since the eve of the American Civil when there were 4 million black slaves and 400 thousand semi-free blacks. Blacks were excluded from fully participating in American capitalism because of the 250 years of slavery and 100 years of brutal Jim Crow policies.

Celtics from the British Isles? The dysfunctional "cracker culture" negatively affected the blacks in the South who took it north and so forth. The blacks from the West Indies, not having experienced the antebellum southern cracker culture, tend to succeed better in America than native blacks. Thomas Sowell talks about this in one of his books with references to Grady McWhinney's book, "Cracker Culture---Celtic Ways of the Old South."

Antelebrllium southern cracker culture emanated from the old cracker culture in certain backward parts of Northern England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Known for extreme violence (IHe., Hatfields vs McCoys), castrations during mutual combat---passed on to castrating black males in the south, sexual promiscuity, duels, etc.

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NYC officials: 4.3 billion will be spent on asylum seekers (undocumented migrants). 1 billion has already been spent. What about the benign neglect of the homeless who are mostly black? The veterans? To add injury to insult, immigrants without U. S. citizenship are allowed to vote in NYC local elections. WTF!!!!

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Blacks need to first and foremost find a cure for self-hatred and self-loathing, a mental illness. There is no such thing as a colorblind society. I haven't seen any colorblind societies during my extensive world travels. The European color caste system has had a very negative impact around the world. While I was visiting Vietnam a few years ago, especially near China Beach, a Vietnamese guide told me that the Vietnamese people didn't go to the beach. They fear turning darker.

In his book, "Black Labor White Wealth", Dr. Claud Anderson states, " By mouthing off the social and economic views of white conservatives, black conservatives convert confusion of the personal racial identity to confusion in the minds of black people about the real issue facing them.

Black conservatives operate under misleading colors. As an old farmer said, 'They run with the hounds while pretending friendship and brotherhood with the rabbits.' The confusion caused by their schizophrenia behavior provides a public cover for anti-black attitudes and activities and makes them appear nothing more than white racist black-face minstrel makeup.

Becoming a conservative has historically provided personal rewards to individual blacks, with few downsides, because of the powerlessness of the black community to hold accountable those members who turn against it. Blacks found that it was not difficult to establish beneficial relations with whites once they accepted a subordinate position and committed themselves to place the welfare of the white class first. Once that was agreed upon, tacitly or otherwise, blacks were then entitled to various forms of paternalistic protection, Christian charity, and meritorious recognition. White conservatives then conferred special status and recognition of conservative blacks as exceptional as acceptable.

Accordingly, black conservatives who place their advancement above the welfare of their race often gain significant personal and financial benefits, recognition, and access to power. They are anointed by whites as [leaders] and touted as role models. In political and social situations, a black conservative is closely akin to Sambo in Harriet Beecher Stowe's [Uncle Tom's Cabin]. In a historical context, a Sambo was black America's worst nightmare. The stereotypical Sambo was more than a minstrel man, a buffoon, and a plantation [darkie]. Sambo represented the extraordinary success of social control, which was the ultimate goal of a slavery conditioning process that transplanted a white mindset into a black personality."

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Haven't we already proved redlining impacted more poor whites than Blacks? Why do i keep hearing about redlining as if it only impacted Blacks as a justification for "reparations". Glenn Loury is a National Treasure, and much like Thomas Sowell is never given his due as one of this nations public intellectuals.

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Moynihan report. Prophetic.

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I have this memory from the break room at work, so I have to paraphrase it, "this is MERICA....Jesus, Guns, boobs, cowboys, barbecue, and in that order ". So, I chuckled for like ten minutes when you said it is racist and unjustified, there we go again with that nasty root word justice. Restoration or retribution, is there a third type justice___________? Maybe justice is the wrong frame? What if it is just capitalism? For example, Incumbents use the SEC/Law to deny access, create moats and attack economic competitors aka crony capitalism? I try to keep my political beliefs out of my portfolio and If see a trade developing, I get long with dry powder or maybe in this case votes? Is justice by any means capitalism? To extract, deny access and weaken are all military/capitalism tools of the trade. Capitalism extracts profit and is not as concerned with problem solving as it might appear, I am sure Finkelstein has a lot to say about the myth of capitalism. At my altitude, If see an opportunity to extract a check, I am going to take it! I could care less about fixing anything! I dunno, I have alway studied military history, that is my lens and my education in Rome tells me to the victor go spoils, you people (me & mine) lost a war and this is Sparta, so bend the knee. I can function under that paradigm and have found a way to thrive at times. I also realize my point-of-view is rare and somewhat extreme, but I have learned to survive in the wild for better or for worse.

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Our country appears to be going down, and taking Western Civ with it. We could be sinking into another Dark Ages, like Europe did after the Roman Empire crashed. I think that peoples' attitudes towards reparations would be more widely positive if the above things were not the case, our country was flush with money, and it was realistic to believe we could just keep on spending and it will all be okay.

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Neither will gratuitous red meat for the flock.

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Meritorious manumission negroes like Glenn Loury?

The Symbolic Betrayal of the Black Race: In his book, “Black Labor White Wealth”, Dr. Claude Anderson relates," the term Uncle Tom is not an appropriate label for an individual who is “white on the inside and black on the outside” and sells out his race by placing his gains with whites ahead of the rights and gains of his people. Contrary to popular usage of the label, the character Tom was not the culprit in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uncle Tom was a brave man with dignity who cared about his family and race. The real villain was another black slave named Sambo. He was committed to the white master and used every opportunity to undermine the other slaves. Sambo, in many respects, was like today’s black conservatives. Sambo always followed the white slave master, Simon Legree, and offered to show him how to “tree the coons.” It was black Sambo who beat Uncle to death for both refusing to whip a black female slave or sell out his people. Uncle Tom tried to empower his people by undermining and beating the social structure whenever he could. Uncle Tom felt it was important to get his people across the river to freedom. He risked his life to do so. The Sambo character personifies a very successful social control construct created by conservatives. He was such a successful phenomenon that the concept he personified became a greater danger to blacks than Uncle Tom. As blacks move towards structuring policies of racial accountability, it will be very important for them to know who helps and who hurts the race. Sambo was the black slave character in numerous novels and movies who was willing to pick up a weapon and defend his white master against the approaching Union army or hide the master’s silver from Northern carpetbaggers. What is the difference between the fictional Sambo characters and today’s real-life blacks who join the conservative movement to argue against affirmative action, black reparations, and set asides? They declare that the world is now color-blind and are opposed to any policies requiring whites to share the socioeconomic burden that centuries of slavery and second-class citizenship have imposed on blacks. Isn’t espousing a color-blind, race-neutral, melting pot society, a moderate way of hiding master’s silver? What are black conservatives conserving when black America is burdened by poverty, crime, unemployment, homelessness, and other social pathologies? Based upon historical treatment alone, there should be a general antagonism between blacks and conservatives. Though conservatives claim that they are not racist, for centuries, they have opposed programs and policies to help blacks. Andrew Hacker, a white writer, provided insight on this in his new book, Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, and Unequal. Hacker asserted that: “There persists the belief that members of the black race represent an inferior strain of the human species…Of course, the belief is seldom voiced in public. Most whites who call themselves conservatives hold this view about blacks and proclaim it when they are sure of their company. Since white conservatives share their true feelings only in the privacy of other whites, there is a strong possibility that black conservatives do not know how white conservatives truly feel about them.”

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Close the southern border!!!! Undocumented immigrants have unearned benefits.

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If it were an end - no more “structural racism”. , no more “critical race theory”, no more “DEI”, I might say OK just to put us all on a level playing field. A meritocratic world without excuses....

Doubt the race hucksters would bite on that one ....

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People think that reparations marks an end...that it would be end to affirmative action, etc etc....

It wouldn't. Reparations would be a beginning.

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If you have not watched Glenn's debate with Christopher Hitchens on this subject then it is a must. Whatever side one is on, two brilliant minds - Hitchens stumbles a bit in his argument and Loury doesn't miss a beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EAawXDvLjI

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