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The Best of Glenn and John 2022

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Weekly conversations on race, inequality, and more, with Glenn Loury. Bi-weekly appearances by John McWhorter.
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2022 was full of big changes for The Glenn Show. Among other developments, I partnered with the Manhattan Institute and hired two full-time employees, Nikita Petrov and Mark Sussman; we began experimenting with the format and recording more in-person conversations; we took The Glenn Show out into the real world with two live shows at the Comedy Cellar in New York City; and we introduced my wife, the lovely LaJuan, to my audience. If you want more details about just how much we’ve grown, check out Nikita’s Creative Director Report.

Accomplishing all of this (and preparing even more new developments for 2023) has required a tremendous amount of work. Frankly, we need a little break. So in lieu of a new conversation with John, I’m posting some choice selections from last year’s conversations, and then the staff and I are going to take the rest of the week off. There will be no posts on Tuesday or Sunday. But we’ll be back in a week, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

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Featured Content from the Manhattan Institute

Heather Mac Donald outlines why it’s not hate speech to defend America

0:00 A brief intro from Glenn

1:03 The lionization of the lightweights

5:45 The unified field theory of non-whiteness

19:16 An honest conversation about crime

27:51 Glenn’s birthday menu

30:46 It’s time to choose a side

41:46 Clarence Thomas, black icon

44:54 Policing Joe Rogan

51:56 By any means necessary?