I wish (hint hint) that Nikita had asked Glenn to respond to the short segment where Shane Gillis recounts how his audience reacted to he letting them know that his dad had voted for Trump. Shane's reaction to this vitriol is worth hearing and I think Glenn would find it worthwhile. Gillis is not as big as Louis CK, but he is much closer to the ground of things, at least on this question.

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No one will ever know what Trump could have accomplished if he was not forced to defend himself day in and day out. The Democrats interfered with our elected President by continued lies and attacks. These elderly immature wastes of space were (and still are) so worried about losing their gravy train they brought out Kavanaugh’s Highschool annual and blamed Trump for a Virus. Then called him a racist for closing the borders while New York mayor and Pelosi celebrated in China town. Hell, they are so worried they unleashed a deadly man made virus .. and doubled down with a deadly vaccine.

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The key comment was the transformation among Americans to the importance of “feelings”. The death of Elizabeth II has highlighted the importance of character vs feelings. I’m sick and tired of Americans focus and obsession with their feelings. I attended Werner Ehrards programs in the 70’s. That was the beginning of the end. Now everyone, left and right is totally preoccupied with their “feelings”. Character and personal responsibility is nowhere to be seen. The President and our leaders owe us a minimum of character. They are not only administrative leaders, they are heads of state. The whole state. Finally, the assault on the Capitol was an attempted coup, so Glenn is 100%wrong on this. There is no relation to Portland’s criminal riots and Jan 6. I’m surprised that Glenn is so oblivious to this basic fact. Also, why am I listening to Louis CK, an ok comedian whose opinions are almost irrelevant. My opinions are more grounded in reality than his, though his indictment of both progressives ans coup supporters is corr3ct.

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Loved this. Didn't expect Louie CK to be that politically astute.

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The problem with the 2020 election was numerous ranging from the pandemic to election gamesmanship. Voting laws were changed in ways that could have been unconstitutional. The reason given was we were under state of emergency due to pandemic. Nearly 1/2 billion dollars of private money poured into NGOs to increase votes. There was abnormally high irregularities on election day. Maybe all this was legal maybe it wasn't. Maybe it would have changed the outcome maybe it wouldn't. We don't know because for 2 plus months there was no serious investigation. Possibly because the 2020 covid 19 election was so deranged by all the pandemic state of emergency changes nobody in the establishment really knew where to start or wanted to take it on. Under these conditions it would be human to say "let's just get past this and move on." This frustrated a large number of people. They felt "disfranchised." Add to that that there is a "peaceful transfer of power" schedule that put every one under pressure not to take the time to investigate. This further frustrated the large group of disfranchised individual. This just scratches surface of all the complexities that led to the riot on January 6. An attack on Democracy by Trump not what happened on January 6. That is how I see it.

BTW I have never voted for Trump. I have never actively supported Trump. That said the man has stood up to relentless attacks and is still standing. That is impressive.

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This was enjoyable. Glenn does a good job of presenting passionate views while weaving in a genuine sense of humility. Thanks for the post.

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This is a great segment! Really interesting in seeing more of these.

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Everyone has a take on Trump and the election. Mine is different, I suspect.

I very much dislike Trump's persona; his shallow mental depth; his arrogance and I reject his views about women. I object to lies and his consistent failure to appreciate "truth." I disagree with his views about China and his trade nationalism. He did not, and still does not understand the AGW - Ecology fraud. His greatest errors as President : failure to understand the Deep State (and to replace it); --- his failure to be certain the declassified binder of exculpatory documents about the FBI-CIA --Russiagate were released to the public before he left office. The binder was prepared. It was declassified, but before giving it to John Solomon, he let the FBI have it back for one last look on his last day in office. Now, buried forever. Trump did not understand the value of documenting the crimes and conspiracy against him!

Trump's ignorance did him in, even though so many of his actions were wise. His legacy is poison. I hope he does not run again.

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Louis is a great comedian and makes some interesting observations but let’s also keep in mind he’s just a regular person like us when it comes to politics, and he is a big leftie..

I think the truth of why we’ve gotten to where we are in this country is that overall we have lost religion, and we have replaced that with celebrities and politicians. The presidency has become a popularity contest, where we don’t care about policy or substance but instead what kind of things the person says. Obama was a lousy president in my opinion but he was very well spoken.

At this point in time politics is all about destroying the reputation of your opponent rather than attacking their opinions. That’s how you can have Kamala Harris call Joe Biden a rapist at the debates and then a couple of years later they’re best buddies working together, because they all know they don’t mean anything they say, they’ll say whatever gets them elected. All of them, on both sides.

The fact that society allows unqualified, unserious people to run their country is exactly the problem.

It’s time to grow up and get serious people in charge again or the country is going to continue going down the toilet

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I’m detecting a hint of something Freudian. Who are the progressives? People who live in cities and college towns generally speaking. Who lives in cities? People from the country who want to get away from red America. The dismissal of red America from liberal elites has a much different context than the angry gay college student who is mad at the religious prejudice of their parents. It also explains some of the desperate pandering to a vaguely understood demographic. All that is understood is that the other side is hated. Most of my family voted Trump in Arkansas, and I live three hours North in Kansas City where people won’t speak to you for supporting Trump.

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19:56 “Scientology does not have representation in the Congress”

Indeed it does not. But the peddlers of transgender ideology, such as WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and the lobbying groups that reference WPATH’s standards on treating people with gender confusion absolutely do. And the normalization of pedophilia does seem to be following the normalization of transgenderism. Within the last year it was reported that WPATH took advice from a group that represents men who identify as Eunuchs who would like “gender identity” to extend to their own group. The group’s website includes pornographic fiction involving the castration and rape of young children.

So for however crazy QAnon is, fears of pedophilia becoming normalized and becoming protected in law (the argument being that MAPs - Minor Attracted Persons - are another sexual minority who are also victims of unjust discrimination) are warranted.


And the term “cisgender” was coined by Volkmar Sigusch, a German sexologist who was also an apologist for pedophilia. He wrote “There is nothing wrong with pedophilia in the sense of the word, that is, against liking, even loving, children. The sensuality that spontaneously unfolds between a child and an adult is something wonderful. Nothing can remind us more intensely of the paradises of childhood. Nothing is purer and more harmless than this eroticism of the body and the heart. Childish eroticism is not only full of delights, it is also necessary.”


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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

I like the concept, but the clip didn't provide much fodder for Dr. Loury. I'd locate appropriate clips and ask these questions:

1. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in a romp in 2016. Early election night coverage was a celebration of "breaking the glass ceiling." Women took their daughters to the Javits Center to witness history. (Show clips.) Hillary ordered fireworks for her big celebration. Question: What role does "a woman scorned" play in the uniquely silly, and continuing, aftermath of the 2016 election?

I was going to list other examples, but I'll just mention the topics: The symbiotic relationship of white Democrat bigwigs and Black voters; the crime wave -- reality vs media narrative; how RBG not retiring and allowing Obama to name her replacement led to the recent overturn of Roe v Wade. I'd show clips (you could use the one and only John McWhorter here) and ask if "Black and brown people" replacing "people of color" is a Dear John letter from POC to Asians.

Anyway, I love these Sunday afternoon offerings. And this idea seems like a great one. Just was not bowled over by the clip. I suppose I've had my fill of the confessional, we're-all-in-this-together "I was scared the entire time Trump was in office, but the deplorables are really not so awful" takes.

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Glenn, I think the difference between all the things people do to try and win elections and what Trump did after the election is that all the other actions stop after the election takes place and/or move on to trying to win the next election. In the wake of losing the 2020 election, Trump did everything he could to get states he lost, the vice president and the Congress to declare him the winner even though he clearly lost. If that can't be described as a lack of respect for democracy, I don't know what could be.

I am a Republican that voted against Trump 3 times including the 2016 NY GOP Primary. I thought he would make a bad president, but after he won I hoped he wouldn't be as bad as I feared. In many areas, I (mostly) agreed with what he did. As a Republican my whole adult life, I didn't want to vote against a GOP nominee. There were times I began to think I could vote for him until some new outrageous attack on someone or something spewed from his oral orifice and I was reminded why I couldn't vote for him. The mainstream media and the Democrats were vicious in their attacks and coverage of Trump. Trump brought it all on himself. It's not that he didn't deserve the attacks. But the press should have kept their coverage more objective. Because MSM coverage was slanted against him, Trump was able use the “unfair” coverage to rev up his base. I also think the Democrats had a “political party that cried fascist” problem. My entire adult life, I've heard Democrats slam Republicans with unfair and even ridiculous attacks. Remember, then vice-president Biden told an African-American audience that Mitt Romney wanted to “put y'all back in chains.” Mitt Effin Romney!!! I think that when Trump came around, even though he deserved many of the vicious attacks on him, most Republican voters were accustomed to ignoring those charges. I really hope that someday before I die I can vote for a Republican for president. I am not all that optimistic on that front.

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