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Lara Bazelon – The Fight for Due Process under Title IX

Lara Bazelon – The Fight for Due Process under Title IX


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This week I welcome Lara Bazelon back to the show. Lara is a lawyer, a professor of law, and the author of several books, including the excellent novel A Good Mother. Lara is also an energetic free speech advocate who has taken some principled stands that have, at times, put her at odds with other progressives.

We begin by discussing Lara’s decision to represent a college student, “John,” who had been found culpable for the alleged rape of a fellow student. Lara explains how the Title IX regulations under which John was investigated unfairly stacked the deck against him. These regulations, while providing needed protections for women, can also allow for unfair results that can potentially destroy the lives of the accused without giving them a chance to defend themselves. As a feminist, Lara is committed to defending women’s equality, but she is also uncomfortable with the ways that some progressives seem willing to sacrifice free speech in the name of equity. This has led her to work with pro-free speech organizations that have, among other things, defended Amy Wax against Penn Law’s attempt to fire her. Lara finds many of Amy’s statements odious, but she does not believe Amy should be silenced. She’s even found common cause with conservatives with whom she has worked to overturn wrongful convictions.

Lara is proof that, even in our current political environment, principled conservatives and progressives can act together in good faith to achieve some common goals. I admire her courage and conviction, and I’m very curious to know what all of you think.

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0:00 Lara’s critique of Title IX adjudications

9:29 Why Lara defended a college student accused of rape

19:17 Lara’s cross-examination of the accuser

26:45 The trouble with “Believe Women”

36:11 What the Trump Administration got right about Title IX

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50:25 Does Glenn still feel marginalized?

56:58 Finding common ground amidst political tribalism

1:01:12 Lara’s work on racial disparities in sexual assault cases

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