with John McWhorter
John McWhorter – The Burdens of Black FreedomListen now (64 min) |
January Q&A It’s Q&A time. If you have any questions for John and I, please post them below. We’ll select a handful to address in our next subscriber-only Q…
A guest essay by Albert Eisenberg
A guest essay by Charles L. Glenn
with Heather Mac Donald
Heather Mac Donald – Which Black Lives Matter?Listen now (75 min) | This week we’ve got Heather Mac Donald on The Glenn Show. Heather is a fellow of the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor to…
A letter from a former student
An exchange with Yiguang Ju
with John McWhorter
John McWhorter – Are There More Capitol Riots to Come? Listen now (64 min) | John McWhorter is back for our first conversation of 2022. Let’s get into it! We begin by discussing the death of the…
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