Sitemap - 2022 - Glenn Loury

Creative Director Report 2022

December Q&A

Losing Our Race

John McWhorter and Greg Thomas – Debating Deracialization

Summer Lovin' in the Winter

Can It Happen Here?

Let's Chat

December Q&A

Passing the Trump Test

Hamish McKenzie – Speaking Out in an Age of Partisan Rancor

Condemning the "Riff-Raff"

November Q&A

The Kanye Conundrum

John McWhorter – How Should We Handle Antisemitism?

Gene Epstein – A Rebuttal to Richard Wolff

Who's Afraid of Socialism?

Richard Wolff and LaJuan Loury – Capitalism vs. Socialism

The Reality of Black Solidarity

Cruelty in the Name of "Antiracism"

John McWhorter and James Beaman – A Peek Behind the Antiracist Curtain

The Tribute of Criticism

November Q&A

Are We Ready to Abandon Racial Solidarity?

Kmele Foster, Robert Woodson, Shelby Steele & Reihan Salam – The Ethics of Black Identity

The Ethics of Giving in the Very Long Term

It's Time to Choose a Side

John McWhorter – The Wake of the "Red Wave"

Are Jews White?

Is Immigration Good for African Americans?

Rob Montz – The Heterodox Docs of Rob Montz

What Comes after Race-Conscious Admissions?

Turning the Tide on Affirmative Action

John McWhorter – The Golden Age of Black Heterodoxy

A Tribute to John McWhorter

October Q&A

Why Do We Have Prisons?

Rafael Mangual – Criminal (In)Justice

The Ghost in the Machine

The Los Angeles City Council Crack-Up

John McWhorter – The Racist Taunt That Wasn't

Why I Deleted Your Comment

Chicago's Great Unraveling

October Q&A

Matt Rosenberg – Chicago's Drift Toward Dystopia

Demagoguery in the Race Debate

The Corruption of Classical Music

John McWhorter and Don Baton – DEI in the Orchestral World

Civil Rights, Then and Now

Where Do Progressives Stand on Civil Liberties?

Lara Bazelon – The Fight for Due Process under Title IX

Glenn Reacts to Louis C.K. on Trump

Is Marriage Important?

John McWhorter & Ian Rowe – F.R.E.E. Agency

Q&A: Defeat Trump by Any Means Necessary?

September Q&A

What Is Social Capital?

Larry Kotlikoff – What Explains Persistent Racial Inequality?

The War and Endless Reasoning

John Takes On Ibram X. Kendi

John McWhorter – Maintaining Standards in Standardized Testing

My Path to Conservatism

September Q&A

Pathologies of "Postmodern Progressivism"

Steve McIntosh – The Cultural Dimensions of American Conflict

Race Is a Reality in America. Here’s How We Deal with It.

The Institutional Contradictions of Affirmative Action

Amy Wax – Freedom of Inquiry on the Line

What's at Stake in the "Conversation about Race"?

Retrieving the Human Condition

August Q&A

John McWhorter – Rewriting the Script on Race

Racial Identity, Abolition, and Reckonings

Is the BIPOC Coalition Coming Apart?

Reihan Salam – Meet the Manhattan Institute

Dispatches from a Few Rows Back from the Front

A Quick Announcement about Johnny Pippins

The Road to Economic Growth

John McWhorter & Richard Wolff – Capitalism and Democracy in Post-Industrial America

We Published an Email from an AI

July Q&A

Here's the Appeal of Herschel Walker

Styles of Excellence

Stephon Alexander – Fear of a Black Universe

The Algorithmic Culture War

In Defense of Clarence Thomas

John McWhorter – Race and Conservatism: Walker, Thomas, and Wax

Crime, Community, and Canvas

Living by the Race Card

Rajiv Sethi – Our Gun Problem

Bonus Episode: Glenn and John at Heterodox Academy

The Price of an Unpopular Argument

Glenn and John Live at the Comedy Cellar

How to Help Johnny Pippins

Johnny Pippins Discussion Thread

The Obscurity of the Russian Soul

June Q&A

Nikita Petrov – Who Is Responsible for the Russia-Ukraine War?

A Family Album, Part Two

DEI's Unknown Unknowns

John McWhorter – Rejecting the Tokenism of "Diversity"

Come Work with Roland Fryer

Gender Dysphoria and Self-Harm

The Other Side of the Trans Issue

How Diverse Should Viewpoint Diversity Be?

Jonathan Haidt – After Babel

The Glenn Show Live with John McWhorter at the Comedy Cellar in NYC, June 22

A Response from Johnny Pippins

The Unified Field Theory of Non-Whiteness

May Q&A

John McWhorter – Race and Inequality across the Atlantic

A Prisoner and a PhD, continued

Turning Pain into Purpose

Robert Woodson & Sylvia Bennett-Stone – Voices of Black Mothers United + Glenn's Bradley Prize Acceptance Speech

A Family Album, Part One

A Year at Substack

An Argument for Border Control

John McWhorter – The Immigration Debate after Buffalo

Unraveling the Spiral of Silence

Social Science and the Replication Crisis

Daniel Kaufman – What Is Social Science?

Responding to the Present Crisis

April Q&A

Rival Schools

John McWhorter & Edmund Santurri – Cancellation at St. Olaf College

Discrimination and the Search for Truth and Justice

Whither Left Populism?

Briahna Joy Gray – Debating Progressive Policy

The Glenn Show on TikTok

April Q&A

The Dignities of Modernity

Greg Thomas – A Future for Black Tradition

Wrestling with Cognitive Inequality

Conflict and Social Criticism

The Only Professor in the Halfway House

Stephanie Lepp – The Responsibilities of the Public Intellectual

Finding a Path to Progress

The Legend of Trayvon Martin

John McWhorter – Trayvon Martin, 10 Years Later

Why Does Racial Inequality Persist?

Comedy and Cancellation

March Q&A

TGS Live at the Comedy Cellar

Glenn vs. Hitch

Peak Woke and "The Slap Heard Around the World"

Setting the Record Straight on Social Credit

In Defense of Charles Murray

Sam Harris – Matters of Race, Matters of Mind

March Q&A

AI News from China

Beyond Russiagate

An Exciting Announcement

Matt Taibbi and John McWhorter – What Is Putin Thinking?

The Cold War's Legacy

Meritocracy or Utopia

Daniel Bessner – Ukraine and American Decline

The Truth about Roland Fryer

A New Way to Connect

Why I Don't Capitalize "Black"

John McWhorter – Capital Offenses

TGS 2.0: the first 15 months

Resurrecting Chicago's South Side

February Q&A, Part 1

Matt Rosenberg – What Next, Chicago?

Social Change and the Ordeal of Merit

Identity Politics vs. Excellence

February Q&A

John McWhorter – The Problem with Racial Preferences

Is the Work Done?

Remembrance of Glenns Past

Solutions to Puzzles #1 and #2

In Defense of Economists

Steven Rhoads - The Economist's View of the World

Introducing "Beautiful Ideas"

Policing Joe Rogan

John McWhorter – Race, Representation, and the Supreme Court

Debating Voting Rights and Voter Fraud

January Q&A

Call of the Tribe

Is College Worth the Money?

Laurence Kotlikoff – Money Magic

How to Protect Asian American Communities

Are Ballot Security Laws Racist?

John McWhorter – The Burdens of Black Freedom

January Q&A

Building the Alt-Academy

Social Justice Has Changed – I Haven't

Black Patriotism, Then and Now

Heather Mac Donald – Which Black Lives Matter?

In Support of Amy Wax

The Amy Wax Debate Continues

The Future of January 6

John McWhorter – Are There More Capitol Riots to Come?

Why I'm Giving Away 10% of My Substack Profits

Who Bears the Costs of Progressive Policy?

Robert Woodson – How to Restore Impoverished Communities

Amy Wax Redux