Sitemap - 2023 - Glenn Loury

Why Stanford Law Needs Conservatives

March Q&A

Who's Safeguarding Speech at Stanford Law?

David Sacks and Spencer Segal – Free Speech and Protest at Stanford Law

Saving the Classical Canon

John Talks Real Time with Bill Maher

In Defense of the Defense of Ukraine

The Burden of Self-Knowledge

John McWhorter – From Equity to Equality

The Myth of "White Science"

Is Homework Racist?

Criminal Justice after Peak Woke

March Q&A

Can Science Benefit from More Diversity?

Sylvester Gates – Diversifying the Scientific Imagination

Whatever Happened to ... ?

Is It OK to Be Scott Adams?

Glenn and John Live in NYC

John McWhorter – The Private Side of Public Life

The Meaning of a B-

How to Talk to Children about Race

February Q&A

Breaking the Cycle of Human Stagnation

Oded Galor – The Journey of Humanity

What's the Point of Black History Month?

Do We Need Prisons?

When Anti-Racism Comes for the Anti-Racists

John McWhorter and Vincent Lloyd – Domination and Anti-Blackness

Back in the Firing Line

February Q&A

Do Black Abortions Matter Too?

Delano Squires – Black, Christian, and Conservative

When the "Racial Justice" Narrative Crumbles

January Q&A

The Spectacle of Mourning

John McWhorter & Peter Moskos – The Killing of Tyre Nichols

Goodbye to Race?

The Merits of Meritocracy

Ernesto Cortes – The Organizer Mindset

Life, Neoliberalism, and Everything

January Q&A

Is Another Harlem Renaissance Possible?

John McWhorter – Glenn and John Go Across the Pond

Maverick Redux

The False Promise of Net Zero Emissions

Steven Koonin – Climate Science’s Unsettled Questions

The Best of Glenn and John 2022

The False God of "Antiracism"

The Revolt against the Elites

Michael Sandel – The Tyranny of Merit